7 Benefits of Taking Children on a Regular Picnic to Nature

Apr 21, 2022 Tourist Attraction

Inviting children to play and travel is a good thing for a family to do. Especially if the mother still has children under five or preschool age. Because there will be many new lessons learned by your little one at tourist attractions. One of the places that can be an option is a natural tourist spot. A place that is certainly rarely found and your little one will certainly get a new experience. Like the seven benefits that your little one can get below.

1. Teach children to appreciate nature and living things

We should be grateful to be born and live in Indonesia, because there are many choices of places for nature tourism holidays. Starting from near to far, mothers can make exciting vacation choices. Mothers can choose a vacation in the mountains, plantations, beaches, or urban forests. Everything can be adjusted to the time, budget, and level of security of the little one.

Traveling to nature can teach your little one to appreciate nature. The trick is to protect nature, for example by not littering and not destroying the tourist attractions visited. You can explain that if you take good care of nature, there will be many benefits for humans.

2. Get to know and bring children closer to nature

Introducing the beautiful and diverse nature of Indonesia can be started by taking a nature tour. You can start from a place that is easily accessible. For example, such as urban forests or beaches on the outskirts of the city.

As much as possible make a list of varied natural attractions. This month to the beach and the upcoming holidays mom can make plans to tea gardens in the highlands. If the intensity is getting more frequent and routine, your little one will certainly be closer to nature.

3. Build creativity and imagination playing in the wild

When taking your little one on a trip to nature, you should avoid bringing your child with you toys from home. Mother can invite her to play together with other family members or by taking advantage of what is available at tourist attractions.

When on the beach her choice apart from playing in the water is that she can play with the sand. Shape the sand according to your little one’s wishes together. When in highlands, smoke may come out of the mouth, invite your little one to smoke together and who has more.

4. Make the body healthier by breathing fresh air

Let your little one move actively while in the wild. Your little one’s body will be healthier and his muscles will be trained better. Coupled with clean and fresh air, of course, it will make the lungs cleaner and healthier. In addition, in the morning, sunlight is also very good for bone growth and skin health.

5. Build a good mood and relieve children’s stress

Beautiful scenery and calming conditions are proven to make your little one happier. Especially the little ones who have started school. He certainly really needs refreshing and a short break from his busy routine.

In addition to making children happy, children will also avoid mental fatigue and stress. Likewise with father and mother, vacations to natural attractions will certainly be a new energy supply to face the daily busyness of tomorrow.

6. Children have memorable activities

Vacations have to be memorable. One way is by camping and building a tent together. It will be an exciting experience for the children because for the first time they will stay in a tent. Before deciding to camp together, you should choose a place that is friendly to children. Don’t let it traumatize your child.

With an interesting experience, your little one may be addicted and will be excited if invited to camp on the next vacation.

7. The relationship of family members is getting closer and harmonious

Usually when meeting parents and children is limited. Especially for working parents and children starting school. This holiday will be a place to spend time with family. Choose a relaxing vacation spot and can make the mother and family more relaxed. So in addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, the family will also be closer and closer.