Attitudes to be Maintained When Visiting Historic Tourist Places

Traveling with friends or family is always eagerly awaited. Wherever the destination is, it will always be fun if we enjoy it together. You and your family may now have rented a Jakarta tourism bus to go to historical tourist attractions. Do not equate this place with other attractions. In historical places, you have to maintain the right attitude. There are some prohibitions that must be obeyed and of course should not be violated. There are many restrictions that are usually posted in every corner, and when you visit them, you just have to read and follow the prohibitions. If there are family members who try to violate it, you should remind them and ask them to read the rules that have been posted. The following are attitudes that must be maintained when visiting historical attractions:

Throw garbage in its place

The first attitude that must be applied is to maintain cleanliness. If you bring food or drink, don’t throw it away. Dispose of trash in the place provided. Usually in historical tourist attractions there is a prohibition on littering so that the surrounding environment remains clean

Don’t doodle

Many people have this habit and still do it often. Don’t because you want to carve memories, then you write your name on the temple stone. Do not write or cross out that will spoil the beauty of the place and its historical story.

Don’t cross out

Some historical places usually have a prohibition against speaking aloud and speaking rudely. Usually these places have mystical stories, so you should also keep your way of speaking. You can joke but don’t overdo it.

Follow the no photography rules

It’s okay to make memories by taking pictures with your family, of course, but there are some places that also have a no-photograph rule. There are several special reasons that are usually applied in that place. So keep following the rules, choose a photo spot that is not prohibited or an interesting spot that is allowed.