Things to Prepare When Taking Children to Water Tourism

Jun 13, 2022 Tourist Attraction

There are many activities to optimize the growth and development of children, one of which is going on a water trip, where the little one can swim or just play in the water. Not only fun, this activity also trains him to be brave and accustomed to water. But there are many things that you have to prepare if you take your children on vacation to water tourism because playing in water is definitely exposed to sunlight and chlorine from swimming pool water. The following are some things that must be prepared before taking children on a water trip:

Provision of food and drinks

The important thing to take your child on vacation to water tourism is to bring food and drinks. Usually there are canteen or food corner facilities at water attractions, but it would be nice to bring food and drinks from home that are guaranteed to be clean. You can bring food and drinks that can restore your little one’s energy after playing with water.


Swimsuit is also an important thing that you need to bring. So that your child is comfortable and free to move while playing in the water, choose a swimsuit based on the model and material. Choose a swimsuit that is light and elastic to make it easier for your child to move in the water and also comfortable when wearing it.

Prepare a buoy

We recommend that you bring a life jacket for your child. A buoy is a safety device that can be used and as a safety. Choose a buoy that is comfortable and fits your child’s body, so that your little one can move freely. You can bring one type of buoy for your little one’s protection.

Wear sunscreen

Your little one’s skin is still very sensitive, of course, it is vulnerable to exposure to sunlight and chlorine during water play. To protect the skin from the effects of the sun, you also have to be prepared for skin care. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before the activity to the child’s closed skin. Choose a sunscreen that is suitable for the activities your little one will do.

Prepare toiletries

When finished swimming or playing in the water, of course you should immediately invite your little one to clean his body and hair. So don’t forget to bring toiletries. Choose a product with a soft formula, containing protein and vitamins to keep your little one’s skin moist.