Tips for Getting Cheaper Hotel Prices

Jun 1, 2022 Discount Holiday

Getting a cheap hotel is not as easy as getting a cheap plane ticket. The most important thing that is quite expensive while on vacation is of course airplane tickets and lodging. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find lodging at low prices and according to your budget. Here are tips to get a hotel at a cheaper price:

Search and compare hotel prices

Don’t mean to promote yourself, but we do have a tool that can help you compare hotel prices from various online selling sites. After that, you just need to choose the hotel you want and check-out to the hotel provider page that provides the best price for you. You also don’t have to bother opening various sites one by one, so in addition to saving you money, we can also save your time.

Check out the discount website

In addition to ordering hotels directly from online hotel sales sites, you can also check the various discount websites that exist. Often, these discount sites offer various attractive promotions, such as discounted prices.

Buy a tour package

Many online and offline travel agents provide complete tour packages. Usually, you will get a cheaper price if you buy a package that includes airfare, hotel, and car rental, than if you pay for it individually.

Looking for a hotel that has just opened and is giving a promo

Do some research on recently opened hotels in your destination. It can be a wrong reference for you. Because usually newly launched hotels will provide special prices and promos, or free room class upgrades to their guests.

Considering hotels that are not on the internet

Many small hotels do not participate in hotel search websites for various reasons. You can ask friends for recommendations or read magazines and newspapers about hotels. After that, you can contact the hotel to ask the price directly. Usually, hotels that are not listed online have prices that tend to be cheaper than those listed.

Using travel agent prices

Although travel agents tend to be associated with relatively more expensive prices, don’t be apathetic to them just yet. Visit several travel agents near your neighborhood and ask for a price quote. Because actually, these travel agents have special deals with hotels to provide cheaper prices under certain conditions.

Using credit card reward points

Along with the growing trend of traveling, banks providing credit cards also take part in attracting the hearts of their customers. The banks provide credit cards that can convert the transaction value into miles or points. Miles or points can then be converted into discounted prices when you book airline tickets, hotels, tour packages, and you have the possibility to upgrade your flight seat class or hotel room. The more you trade, the more points you have. You can use it to cut the price of airline tickets or hotels.