Tips For Snacking On The Roadside To Stay Safe And Healthy

Jun 17, 2022 Healthy Street Food

Food at roadside stalls may often be an option when you are hungry and bored with food at home. Besides being available in various types, street food is also suitable for those of you who want to eat well without spending a lot of money. Snacks on the roadside should also not be done too often. No one can guarantee whether the process of preparing and serving food has been carried out according to hygiene standards. The following are tips for snacking on the roadside to stay safe and healthy:

Choose freshly cooked snacks

Food vendors such as fried foods cook their wares in large quantities. This method is considered more practical because when the customer arrives, the seller only needs to put the order in the package. The remaining merchandise is often left in the window for a long time and without a lid. This allows the food to be exposed longer to pollution from the streets. Try not to buy food that is already cold. Ask the seller to choose foods that are still warm or freshly fried so that there is less chance of exposure to outside air.

Clean the utensils before starting to eat

Before deciding to buy, make sure the cart and all equipment and food storage windows look neat and clean. Also pay attention to how the seller washes his cutlery. To serve customers swiftly makes traders also rush when cleaning tools such as plates, forks, and spoons. You may have found that the dishes used are not dry. If necessary, you can bring cutlery from home. It is also important to wipe the table to remove any remaining dirt on it.

Buying packaged drinks

Most street stalls also provide drinking water with glasses that can be refilled without having to pay. You have to be careful, the water provided in is not necessarily safe for consumption. It could be that the water jug ​​hasn’t been replaced for days. Buying bottled drinks such as mineral water can be a safer option. If you buy a canned drink, don’t forget to wipe the opening first.

Avoid food that has been left for too long

Food storage is also one of the factors that affect the safety of the food for consumption. Types of raw materials such as meat and seafood should not be placed at room temperature for too long because it will trigger the growth of bacteria faster. Bacteria that appear will produce toxins that trigger foodborne illness. The toxin is heat resistant and cannot be destroyed even after cooking.