Tips for Staying Healthy During Cruise Holidays

Jun 15, 2022 Cruise Holiday

There is nothing wrong with trying a vacation using a cruise ship. Vacations using a cruise ship will also add to an exciting and fun vacation experience with friends. Spending time on a cruise ship, enjoying the expanse of blue sea, and sunshine may be the dream of some people. Vacationing on a cruise ship is actually not difficult to do. Although a vacation using a cruise ship is relatively fun, there are various risks that can occur, such as getting sick during the trip. To prevent getting sick while on vacation on a cruise ship, here are some tips to stay healthy during a vacation on a cruise ship:

Consult a doctor before the trip

You can also do a check-up or consultation before going on a long trip. Don’t forget to mention your vacation destination when you consult a doctor. This is because the endemic disease is dangerous enough that you may need to be vaccinated before visiting it. Make sure you get the results of your medical record and important medicines to carry along the trip.

Take care of your diet

Almost all menu offerings on cruise ships are very tempting. Do not rush to eat all the food just because you are hungry. It’s better to avoid buffet dishes because the dishes served are not necessarily fresh. If you’re not sure, it’s better to order a new menu at the restaurant. In addition, buffets that are left open for a long time are also prone to bacterial contamination.

Always carry hand sanitizer

Because you are in a public area, various objects around you must have been touched by other people. We will never know whether the condition of the touching hand is really clean or not. To anticipate contamination with germs and bacteria, always carry a hand sanitizer and use it just before you move with your hands.

Choose bottled or canned drinking water

If you are in the middle of the sea and the water provided by the cruise ship has been stored for a long time. Choosing packaged drinks is a pretty wise choice. These drinks tend to be more sterile and kept clean. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water because you will be spending a long time in the sun.

Always wear sunscreen

You will be spending a long time in the sun so you should always use sunscreen after showering. Sunscreen will protect the skin from the dangers of sunburn. In addition, sunscreen will also prevent your skin from burning.